Expectations on Social Media


Dear Travel Agent,

I believe that using all kinds of social media will benefit you; to expose what you do, promote your abilities and more importantly, show friends, family and prospective clients who you are as a person, and as a professional.
To see what to post and how often, I suggest you read my previous blogs.
Here, I want to talk about what to expect from your “audience” or “friends/followers.”
For the most part, people behave on social media how they behave in life. Don’t expect or believe otherwise.

Now, let’s divide these followers into three basic categories:

Givers: As in life, they like to give and help. They will cheer for you, make nice comments about YOUR postings, repost them, and tell their “friends/followers.”

Takers: Again, as in life, these types of people will copy and paste YOUR postings and “pretend” as if it were theirs. They’ll copy your ideas and even crop your posts and take your name out. Why cheer for you if they can use and benefit from them?

NONE OF ABOVE: Unfortunately there are these kinds of people on social media, as there are in life. They just stay there, don’t cheer, don’t copy, but at every single opportunity they judge, write something unkind and nasty. They are not expecting to take advantage, nor they are givers. I call them lost souls.

My intention is not to tell you to start judging who is who, after all it is good to have lots of followers and friends. I want you to encourage you to continue posting and not to take comments personally. It is not about you, it is about people. Most people don’t behave differently in life than on social media.
I hope this helps you feel better the next time someone copies your ideas, crops and takes your name from your postings, or even makes a nasty comment just because he/she can.
Remember, most people are givers and they are cheering for you!

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