It Takes 2 to Tango

TangoDear Travel Agents,
How many of you have heard the expression, “it takes two to Tango”?
Even though I am Brazilian and married to an Argentinian, I appreciate watching a couple dancing the Tango, because I can’t.
That type of Tango is not what I am talking about today. I am talking about the “dance” that happens between a travel agent and a prospective client or even an established client.
Earning commission is enticing, and getting referrals is just awesome, but how we deal with prospective or current clients is the secret to success in our business.
We are lucky if most of the people we deal are pleasant, understanding and respectful, but once in a while we hear from the type of people who feel entitled; who think we need to stop everything just to answer their unstoppable phone calls.
How do we deal with the kind of clients that make our skin crawl, and are disrespectful, demanding and rude?
Being in this business for over 23 years, I can count on one hand the number of people who changed their attitude and ended up appreciating my efforts, after I worked so hard to help them. In most cases, I told this type of client that they should look for another person to work with, and afterward I felt relieved, happy and totally free.
How much is my freedom worth? It’s priceless!
As a professional, we need to have the trust of our prospective clients. With trust comes respect, and a willingness to work together. It takes two to Tango. If that personality match doesn’t happen, don’t feel it is your fault, don’t take it personally, just let it go and move to the next. Be respectful and tell him/her to find another agent who will better suit his/her needs. Don’t drag it out too much, and don’t try to change anyone. This is just how serving other human beings works. Sometimes what we need to do is simply find another client who is willing to do the dance!

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