Experience in a short time

I am often asked by agents to be their mentor. What I do is free, and done with all my pleasure. I get many questions from agents asking for advice.  Again, I am here for all of you!
What I have seen is many agents who are eager to get experience in a short time.  Let’s analyze those two concepts: experience, and in a short time.
How long does it take to gain experience in something, in our case, in travel? Well, it depends how much we want to know, how much interest we have in specializing in different areas, and how much of a perfectionist some of us are.
How much time should we invest in learning? Again it depends on several factors. How we learn, how much can we learn, and how much of a “workaholic” we are willing to be.
So, as a travel agent, you approach your “mentor” (me) and get a bunch of ” it depends” answers. What kind of mentor am I?
Let me give you my honest opinion on the issue of gaining experience in a short time. I feel that if you show your client or prospective client how much you really care, experience goes down in importance to second place.  People are looking for a professional who has real feelings and a big heart, and who will stand with them for the entire journey. Experience alone is not enough. Experience PLUS caring will put the world at your feet!
I am cheering for you! Show how much you care, and learn at your own pace.
Feel free to contact me at askrosana@aol.com

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