Short and Sweet – Like a Fortune Cookie

Paper Dessert Cookie Asian Fortune Fortune Cookie I have noticed that every time I post a one line tip or inspirational message, I get a lot of likes on Facebook. But, when I post a longer piece of text, only a few travel agents read the whole post. I wish I could teach all that I know in a “fortune cookie” sized message, but I can’t.
Facebook has it own way of working, and I don’t even try to understand it anymore. I have close to 5,000 “friends” (the maximum number a person can have), and I wish more of them would read my words of guidance, and comment on anything they like, or that they don’t agree with, or if they think my advice is not relevant to their business of travel.
I try to post all 5 days during the work week. With more engagement, I can reach more people. I am hoping that more of my “friends” will look for my name, see one of my posts, and take a moment to “Like” it or to make a comment. That small effort would make a big difference in the number of people I can reach. I am sincere in offering my guidance and teaching what I know, all so I can give back to travel agents.
I really want to pay it forward and give back.
Can you help me to make this possible? Let’s make a deal!  Will you read, comment and “Like” my posts?
In exchange, I will write as many inspirational quotes and thoughts so you can share or copy and paste.
I will try to reach as many travel agents as I can.
It’s difficult to put all my knowledge into “fortune cookie” sized messages, but I promise to continue to try!
Thank you!

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