I am  Rosana Chermisqui and I  take great pride in my 23 years of experience in the travel industry. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with travel agents, and I have a genuine desire to ensure their success. Recently, I am  returning to travel consulting, offering my experience and expertise to benefit each and every travel agent, and assist them in achieving their business goals. I would like to ask permission to post my facebook page in your group, the members that are interested to find out more about it how they can boost their career can follow me, I will be posting every day about travel tips, motivational and inspirational guidance, suggestions for how to deal with clients – even the difficult and demanding ones, and how to gain more clients. I will also share my knowledge about using social media, how to get the best deals from tour operators and other vendors and doing webinars and seminars.  I am looking forward to giving back to the travel agent community with my many years of expertise and the best thing: for free

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